Power Chord Fridays: Oh. Are they? Edition

This week’s PCF comes to us from The Oh Sees who to the best of my recollection (and everlasting shame) have never been featured here. Well, it’s time to right some wrongs! Check out the title track from their latest record Drop, released April 14, 2014. It’s fuzzed out yet fun and manageable, all while maintaining its natural luster. Those guys must be using Prell. Have a great weekend, oh and a special shout out to my buddy and the other 4 E’s of Wheeeeeeee, Dan and my homie Greg. Spring is sprung and so is daddy, so watch out tonight fellas cuz it’s gonna get weird!!!

Power Chord Fridays: Wet Whistle Edition

We don’t do dedications (or take requests) here at Wheeeeeeee!, but I’ve got to make an exception for Dan (my partner in WheX8) and Greg who I can’t wait to throw down with next week to celebrate their respective birthdays. I’m so excited that I just couldn’t see myself sitting on this track for a whole ‘nother week, so here goes!