Email Etiquette: Low Importance

We all know that marking emails “High Importance” is an appropriately-used tactic that demands immediate action…that little exclamation point means serious business is afoot, whether it’s redundant instructions, ridiculous requests, or the latest celebrity rehab pics.

But when is a “Low Importance” email appropriate? Below, a rubric:


Seriously, who used my hand soap?

FW: Turns out he’s Hawaiian…

Pics of Baby Gnats!

Shit My Librarian Says

Birthday Ideas (not this year, next year)

Tips for More Creative Penmanship

Save the Date: Change Rollin’ Partay :-)

FW FW FW FW: Top 50 Lewinsky Jokes

Mr. Arnold Takes it to the House

The crushing banality of middle-class suburban existence robbed him from our living rooms. A man whose grunts and roiling disappointments were silenced all too soon, leaving behind the rest of the family—Kevin, Wayne, Norma, Karen, Goofy Schwimmer, all of us at home—to wonder if he would finally give his wife a good schtupping once the kids were out of the god damn house. Sadly, we never found out.

Anyway, he’s back. On Broadway. Surely, Kevin Stern supplies steady narration throughout.