Proud to Be a Merkin

Well, 2011 has arrived along with all the promise and hope of the coming year. This is a time to shed unhealthy habits, repair fractured relationships, and pledge to be less of a shit overall. It’s also a time to broaden your horizons by learning something entirely new. If you’re lucky that certain something rocks you to your core and changes how you relate to the world around you.

On New Year’s Day, I found out about merkins. In an instant, I felt that middle school failed me. As you may know, a Merkin is a wig that someone wears over their pubic area. Naturally this little nugget ignited a curiosity in me that has produced more questions in me than answers. Well this ends today…ok, maybe over the next couple of days depending on my schedule.

Here at Wheeeeeeee, our crack team has worked around the clock, compiling interviews, trivia and medical records to deliver to you, trusted reader, the most comprehensive look at merkins to date. The result is a feature we like to call, “What I Learned Over Xmas Break-An Education in 3 Acts.” So sit back, find some loose fitting britches and enjoy being illuminated where the sun don’t shine. Continue reading “Proud to Be a Merkin”