Nyan Even Sterted Yet!

Nyan Cat. You either know him, or you’ve been living in a country without the internet. Naturally you can tell everything you need to know about a particular country by how they depict the Nyan Cat. It’s like textiles or ceramics. Every ancient culture had access to them, but some cultures just rocked that shit while others made nonsense that was probably broken intentionally waaay before it got buried under some pyramid or whatever.

Here’s how Mexico portrays Nyan Cat:

And here’s Argentina’s take:

Pretty accurate, wouldn’t you say? Thank you internet for eliminating the need to travel anymore.

Awful by Design

Things are tough all over these days. It seems like everyone is looking for work. However, for some life is about the quest, not the destination. In fact some people seem to downright hate the destination (employment). It should come as no shock to anybody that the creative world (for our purposes we will be focussing specifically on ‘design’) offers some of the most vivid illustrations of the astounding detachment from reality and good taste that characterize these rare cats. As anyone who has ever had to pour over hundreds of resumes and portfolios will tell you, after a certain point nothing really stands out. The applicants you look forward to in your inbox are the truly bad ones, you save them.

This first one (via TDW) tells you everything you need to know about Martin Gamal as a designer and mime.

Here’s another reel from youtube. I can’t be entirely sure but I really want to believe that he’s the adult in this video. It really doesn’t matter though since the kid is the real star simply because of the good sense he showed in not dressing up like Chun Li and the expression of uncertainty he’s wearing which can be attributed to the fact that he isn’t quite sure whether or not this is a joke.


Three quick hits from the world of athletics:

1) Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard (sorry, I mean “Dah-Wight” Howard)
are planking…

via Deadspin

2) Michael Jordan is an obscenely bad dresser, and there’s a blog to prove it…














tip courtesy of Elliot B.

3) Charlie Manuel goes wrist-deep, or he don’t go at all…

via thefightins

Half Pint

Not too long ago two guys in an old english pub found evidence that points to a long forgotten underground pub-based craft movement. Either that or somebody was trapped down there for years and whittled himself a little companion to keep him company after he had a falling out with all of the pool balls he had named and married off to one another. Damn kids.

Happy Caps Lock Day!

Well campers, our most widely-anticipated and revered biannual holiday is finally upon us: International Caps Lock Day!


And because we have no deep-seeded customs or traditions that surround this occasion, you have the freedom to celebrate how you see fit. Troll the comment boards of World Net Daily. Ponder which sanserif typeface capitalizes most bodaciously. Steal every road sign in a 5 mile radius as a gonzo salute the critical role caps play in modern society.
On International Caps Lock day anything goes…as long as you go big.


If the nineties showed us anything, it’s that nebulous cartoons featuring squiggly lines CAN IN FACT achieve moderate pop culture success. Here we see a classic Dr. Katz clip where the good doctor defends his new-found binge drinking with slurred sass, which seems particularly appropriate on Monday, the day of reflection and regret for boozehounds everywhere.

You Are Now Free to Bitch About the Country

A Southwest Airlines pilot’s mic gets stuck and goes on to broadcast his disappointment with the lack of talent in the skies.

“It was a continuous stream of gays, grannies and grandes” Thank you anonymous (and suspended) pilot for introducing us to the term “grande”. This would definitely be a candidate for a vocabulary builder post if only I could find it used anywhere else. I guess the dude’s a pioneer.

via internet today

Magnited We Stand (Against Texting)

The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin Texas has gone ahead made that time before a movie starts into an entertaining and even enjoyable experience by celebrating the ejection of some girl for texting during a movie. Please join me in a moment of silence for the unintentionally difficult celebrity name jumbles (Pierce Brosnan? What is this 1992?! Not even on my radar man, c’mon!) and the Last Starfighter inspired “3D” animations that fly you through nonsmoking signs and popcorn kernels with lasers flying out of them. You will be missed.

Weeelson (!!!) Ratings Bump


As part if Univision’s newly minted Speak American! initiative they have invited latin crossover heart throb Tom Hanks to host the weather on a morning talk show called Despierta America, where he proceeded to dance and struggle mightily with the location of Atlanta. That sound in the background is me spitting my jugo de naranja all over myself.

Fried Kool-Aid Is A Thing


Summer is upon us and, as he always does this time of year, the Kool-Aid guy has busted through the gray, loosely mortared cinder block walls of conformity and ignorance to elevate all of us poor slobs as we wade through countless concept food trucks and artisanal iced creams by bringing us this childhood favorite in fried form. And what does he ask in return? Nothing, only that you enjoy it until your teeth tell you to stop. He’s just that way. Hell, he never even got all over the late Macho Man Randy Savage when he totally stole his catch phrase. Thanks you big red goofy bastard, you!