Power Chord Fridays

Despite our continual goal to present you with valuable, entertaining content, we recognize that sometimes, the consumption of our cultural surroundings can be equal parts important AND god-awful. This is one of those times.

Recently and alongside much fanfare, Lou Reed and Metallica teamed up in the studio to lay down a track called “The View”. Today, we present it to you in all its guttural glory.
And while one can debate what exactly we are “viewing”—damage from lifelong cocaine abuse laid bare, a careful fusion of lame and ignorant,  the first ever pop song successfully written by monkeys, and so on—make no mistake: this is necessary listening.

Show Ya Rooney Love












As everyone already knows, Andy Rooney will no longer be the dessert of the 60 Minutes pot luck. The dude is 92. It was clearly time. But why all the internet hate?

Gawker shit all over him yesterday. Social network murmuring has been mostly bratty; one friend posted a link about his departure accompanied by one word: “finally.”
I know the guy’s schtick has been a bit stale since around 1992, but stale schtick doesn’t mean bad schtick; just ask Larry David. C’mon, people! This is Andy Rooney! An American original! Andy Rooney, intrepid jalopy sleuth! Andy Rooney, nerd hater! All jokes aside, he’s been around forever, he defined a niche and filled it well, and he diverted attention to poor grooming away from billions of men around the world with those glorious eyebrows. The guy doesn’t need to be revered, but he needs to be respected.

Full disclosure: right before posting this, I found a Salon article reflecting a similar sentiment. I point this out not to cover my ass, but because it’s a good piece that’s better written than your garden-variety blog rant (*cough*).

Pay No Attention to That Man in the Sound Booth


Uh-huh, this is a job. This guy records the “dialogue” in Swiss porn films and for reasons unknown to us he feels most comfortable doing it topless. At least we hope it’s just topless. Now before we jump all over this guy (pass) for his completely off the wall delivery I feel it’s only fair to mention that I’m almost certain he’s doing the over dub for the robotic mouth’s first XXX film.