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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, un-commercialized music is disappearing from YouTube, being replaced and sequestered by companies like Vevo, who monetize the original material by adding static, animated, and pre-roll ads to the experience. For online schizophrenics who make a sport out of flitting around the internet, this is an unfortunate development.

I recognize that artists and the teetering machines that support them should be fairly compensated for the use of their property. But I contend that YouTube should remain a commercial-free zone, or should at least do away with pre-roll ads. This is not based on some half-baked Adbusters ethos. It’s based on a belief that unobstructed access to music on YouTube actually encourages paid consumption. To wit: the other day I was thinking about a Cars song that I had not heard in a while, so I reflexively went to YouTube. As “Bye Bye Love” poured sweetly into my ears, I began thinking about The Cars, and then how well their music still holds up, and then how chock-full-o-hits that first album is. Then I realized I have never owned a Cars album. Do you know what I did next, y’all? I went to Amazon and bought The Cars. Instant YouTube access directly resulted in legitimate purchase. The system worked. On the contrary, if I had been hit with a Vevo video and forced to sit through a 30 second ad before hearing Benjamin Orr croon “You call yourself intense?”, I probably would have bailed on the whole Cars tranche and watched the Larry Merchant video again.

So there you have it, friends. A sound argument for unimpeded music sharing, or another libtard looking for a handout? You decide. In the meantime, listen to this non-Vevo, late-70’s gem by The Cars, and dream about all the little bits of amazingness that the first weekend of fall holds in store.