Twelve-hunrded Dollar Ha Ha

A pretty good idea, although given that the typical Halloween party features a heavy dose of spillage, poke-age, and “whoops-I-accidentally-stumbled-into-an-exposed-pipe”-age, it could easily spell the demise of not one, but two tech tragedies of yuppified proportions.

via CNET, HT to Eamon

This is How it’s Done










Way back in the year 2005, George W. Bush was inaugurated for his second glorious term, “Since U Been Gone” was a major hit, and the website Something Awful was the undisputed pantheon of internet greatness. Their Halloween SWAT sussed and disseminated the most notable costumes of the age, including the legendary “No Shit, Sherlock” getup shown above. This sweeping exposé should be considered required reading every Halloween.


Power Chord Fridays: The Ghost of Halloween Past Edition

Halloween is a great time of year. That doesn’t really need to be said, but hey isn’t that what blogs are for?

I tend to get kind of nostalgic around this time because as anyone close to me (and key staffers at the DMV) know, Halloween is my birthday. So forgive me if I reach back a bit and pull up one of my favorite high school jams that has some of that old holiday spirit built right in. It brings me back to a time when I had no idea that Gordon’s Gin and Compari didn’t mix (no matter how appealing the color) and even less of an idea what a great time I was having. Here’s hoping you can capture some of that high school magic yourself this Halloween and that it’s chock full of the kind of mistakes that make you cringe and laugh in equal measure. Now go find a bridge and 50 of your closest peeps and get scary drunk under it!

1-2-3-4 I Declare Costume War

In the true spirit of Halloween, and in an effort to help you not gank up yet another costume contest at your respective parties this weekend, we’ll be updating the site throughout the day with ideas for that knock-’em-dead look that will have people talking (all right, most likely laughing behind your back, but there’s usually words thrown in there too so that counts as talking I think) all night.

So following Super Sperm, here’s idea #2, The Human Centipede.  Who says this needs to be a group costume? Hell, if there’s salsa or bean dip at your party, who really wants to be a middle anyway?