Milwaukee‚Äé’s Best

Mother’s Brewery spoofed the Laverne and Shirley intro to announce their arrival on the craft beer scene, and I for one am sitting up straight and taking notes.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hold those crazy kids (specifically Laverne) very close to my heart. Why in fact just yesterday I bussed my tray at a cafeteria that had a conveyer belt and I couldn’t resist putting my glove on a water bottle and waving as it went by. Which reminds me, if any family members are reading this, I could use a new pair of gloves for Christmas.

The Reverse Gateway

Good news, guys! Remember the chubby class clown from Lean on Me who, like all the other kids attending East Side High, underwent a course-correct thanks the tough love of Morgan Freeman? Well, I’m happy to report that his path to improvement remains linear to this day. You see, in the movie, Jermaine Hopkins was a crack-smoking, suicidal teen who had nearly run out of options:

And now? It seems Mr. Hopkins has shunned the rock and moved on to more mellow pursuits. Last week, he was arrested for having 200 lbs of marijuana in his SUV:

Keep fighting the good fight, Jermaine! And remember the words of your old principal: you are not inadequate! (although at 200 lbs., the quality of your herb probably was).

HT to Mike D