SOPA? SoWha?

Look, we’ve been getting a lot of frantic calls, worried texts, and urgent faxes this morning about SOPA and whether or not we are joining so many other sites in the fight against an Orwellian Internet. Allow me to be clear: we will remain active, unfettered, and content-rich all day. Why? Some say our existential insignificance would render argumentative action an affront the cause. Others say we’re lazy and selfish. I’ve even heard that we are, in fact, government agents whose light internet frolicking is but a mere disguise for an impending intellectual property crackdown. In truth, it’s probably a combination of all these things. The point is, we’re live, we’re ambivalent, and the next time you want to settle a bar bet about who started the French Revolution, we’ll be here, ready to serve you cat content, Simpsons references, and a whole lotta love.