Meet the Muts

So this is what it’s come to for my beloved New York Mets. These t-shirts have been hung in the locker of each Mets player at the direction of owner, Jeff Wilpon. At first I had no idea what it was (Was it a failed cross-promotion between Wu-Tang and Under Armour?) Then I came to find out that it’s the logo that the cartoon character Underdog wears on his chest meant to convey to the team, well you get it. Oof. Great message. A dog by any other name is still a dog. Mets pitcher Tim Byrdak has responded to this message in kind.

Read more about it here.


Fruit of the Lin

It appears as though someone is selling a pair of Jeremy Lin’s underpants from his Harvard Days on ebay.

Here’s the item description:

My brothers friend went to Harvard and was in the same dorm, got his boxers from the dryer on accident. Got them from him for $100 because hes stupid. Buy now and these could be worth alot in the future.

Hard to tell if they’re real. I mean they could just be two laundry bags sewn together with an elastic waistband. In any event, the current bid is at $1,000.