Power Chord Fridays

Earlier today, the team here at Internet HQ went to lunch, and the playlist at the restaurant was both eclectic and inspiring. Core outputs were as follows:

1) Aerosmith did indeed produce the song “Dream On.” Agreed: it barely sounds like Steven Tyler. Yes, it’s weird. But it’s Aerosmith, goddammit.

2) Silverchair is terrible. As a child of the 90’s who enjoyed head-bangin’, bong pullin’, and ’87 Pontiac Grand Am ridin’, far be it from me to disparage the music that made Birks shuffle across the nation. But Frogstomp is an awful record, and “Tomorrow” is an awful song. An awful song that is now buried in my brain. An awful song that is absolutely, positively appropriate for Power Chord Friday.

He Shoots, He Roars!

It pains me to say it as a both a Flyers fan and a jaded advertising nincompoop, but this Boston Bruins parody title sequence knocks it out of the park. This is what happens when you take a good idea on paper and produce the living shit out of it. The direction, the editing, the music, the titles…it’s no Nanook, but it’s mighty fine work.