Why Do You Hate Us, Verizon?


We just came off of a great sports weekend: the NBA playoffs kicked off, the quest for the Stanley Cup intensified, and baseball concluded its languid first month. Amidst all of that competitive goodness, Verizon inexplicably made a concerted effort to spoil the whole thing with their¬†commercial¬†above, which caused males around the country cringe a million cringes. There are few universal truths in this world, but one of them is that men loathe a sobbing woman. It’s our Kryptonite. Eddie already covered this:

It’s understandable that Verizon made an ad targeting women. What is neither understandable nor forgivable is that they decided to PLAY THAT COMMERCIAL NON-STOP DURING SPORTS PROGRAMMING, WHICH WE RELY ON AS A SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT AND COMFORT.

How I long for the days of a four-eyed nerd traipsing around asking questions.

Power Chord Fridays

Guys, I’m detecting a problem. I know that time marches on, the past compresses, and popular music evolves and mutates. But Pearl Jam isn’t getting nearly its share of the conversation lately. We’re talking about rock legends, about kings of an entire decade, about a top-five all time scream. So enough fucking around. This week’s PCF is for Eddie. Have a bitchin’ weekend.

BOOM! Fake Shot!

The North Koreans sure are pissed! And by the looks of things, they have tens of soldiers armed and ready to…shout wildly, practice tae bo, and mercilessly blow up cardboard cutouts. The world shudders in fear! This is also a stark reminder to aspiring filmakers everywhere: the tight shot is your friend when budgets and bodies come at a premium.

via Gizmodo