Power Chord Fridays: Blow it Up Edition

July 4th is upon us (and yes mother I know it’s not until Wednesday! GOD!! Get out of my room!!!) so why not undo the top button of those flag pants, open another beer and enjoy the pyrotechnic sounds at work on Japandroids’ new single “The House That Heaven Built.” What better way to celebrate your independence than with indie music? Answer me that smart guy…

Happy flag!!

See You Next Fall (Season)


Hockey is a sport steeped in tradition, and thus honors a volume of unwritten rules that are widely regarded and adhered to. For instance, if an opposing player on a youth hockey team blatantly disregards the tenets of the sport during gameplay, the opposing coach shall violently trip that player during the post-game handshake, ideally breaking a bone.

It may sound harsh, but if you have a better way of turning these kids into assholes, I’d love to hear it.

via Copyranter 

Bass Boss

The title of our last post took me right down a Beatles rabbit hole and into another theme for a post. Lucky you!

Everyone knows that John was the coolest Beatle, but Paul was the most talented. Check out the isolated baseline from “Hey Bulldog” below. Shit’s not from Earth:

As an added bonus from the early days, notice how much the baseline carries the melody in “And Your Bird Can Sing”:

And finally, just for fun because I always find it fascinating, here’s the only rock song I know where the baseline doesn’t only carry the melody, it’s also the hook. Quite a feat: