Power Chord Fridays: Rainy Friday Edition

Man, this weather has me feeling like I just got my bell rung. We’ve all been there. You’re the very definition of the word sluggish—daydreaming about what it must be like to watch a switchblade fight while trying keep at least 30% of the peanuts your ineffectively shelling and eating from making it down your shirt and out your pant leg when you stand up. All I can say is that I’m so grateful to have Personal and the Pizza’s masterpiece of brain dead beer fart rock, Brain Damage to keep me going. Happy Wednesday!

Energizing the Chain Gang

In Florida, they’re spreading truthiness about the President with the ferocity of a paintball gun on meth. There are so many convincing arguments against Obama—sorry, Robama—here that it’s hard to say which one will lead us closest to a Sharia law hellscape that swallows the elderly whole and digests them over a period of 40 slow, agonizing hours. So, grandma and grandpa, just pick one and go with it. And by “go with it,” I mean frantic chain mail forwarding.


A Sunny Stumble Upon

It’s a rainy Friday here on the east coast, and I’ve never heard of BadBoysBlue until five minutes ago, when I entered “Rainy Friday” in the YouTube search bar and went “click.” All I know is they are surprisingly good at chasing the grey away.

Editor’s Note: Despite the curiously saucy preview image, nothing porny about the video.

YouTube ChartPulse TrendWatch

Every Wednesday, and sometimes on Thursday, we pull the most viewed YouTube video of the week and apply insignificant metrics in an attempt to gain a cursory, wildly-generalized understanding of the world around us. This week: I love the sound of clattering plastic in the morning. Smells like…kombucha.

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