Kitty Kill Storm

Been a rough few days here at Internet HQ. Our hearts and minds go out to all who have been seriously affected by Sandy…makes our power outages and transit snafus seem petty in comparison. We’re back up and running today, albeit in limited capacity.

Hang in there, America!


If you’re like us here at Wheeeeeeee, you probably have a good deal of time on your hands and your attempts to stave off cabin fever can feel, at times feeble. Sure, you could be productive and organize your receipts, creating a shred pile that is more of a source of intimidation than it is an accomplishment. Oooor, you can take a moment (okay, 15+ minutes) to sit back and enjoy your October fail compilation for the year of our lord 2012. We know you’ll make the right call.

Happy Little Squirrels

Bob Ross would have been 70 today. This clip of him feeding a baby squirrel is a perfect illustration of a lovely man in action. I do have some questions, though:

  • What is Dianna, the Bird Lady from Muncie, doing now?
  • That squirrel hadn’t eaten in…years?
  • For a man that loved squirrels so much, he sure spent a lot of time NOT painting portraits of squirrels holding bottles and/or dressed in little read bow ties.

via Fark

Sandatory Evacuation

Greetings from the Wheeeeeeee bunker. We are currently bracing for Hurricane Sandy here in the New York metro area, which so far has consisted of being gouged for bottled water. From all reports, that could change very soon. Needless to say, posting may be limited for the next day or so, but we’ll be back as soon as the storm passes. In the meantime, this one goes out to all you Zone A-types out there. Stay classy, stay dry, and stay safe.