Three Guys, One Bangkok

Hey look, some fellows dressed up in LED suits and ran around The (Eastern) City That Never Sleeps! Some of it might be a tad cheesy, but when the name of your troupe is the “Light Emitting Dudes,” well sir, you’ve got a friend in Wheeeeeeee! Big weakness for puns here. Eyooooge.

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Making ODB Headlines

I have a fantasy about this. It was created by a little girl, age eight. In the middle of the project, her older brother came around and tried to take it from her, being the bully asshole that he is. As he placed his sweaty grip on the hard red plastic, she screamed “ACT LIKE A PIG, TRY TO HOG SHIT,” startling the boy and nuetralizing the threat.

A man can dream. Oh, and I’ll close the loop for you:

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