Power Chord Friday: The Four Wise Men Edition

Here’s a special treat for all you good little Wheeeeeeee-er’s out there. Sure, some of us should be expecting a stake in a coal mining concern this year, but to us you’re perfect just how you are–a little bored, kinda’ hungry and willing to sit and watch silly videos for a spell. We take our cue this week from some guys who knew a thing or two about giving back to their fans around the holidays. In 1960’s, the Beatles produced a specially recorded 45-rpm single for their fan club members each year that was chock full of shenanigans and holiday cheer. What we offer you today is a compilation of all of those singles. Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget to keep those receipts!

Ho-Ho-Ho from Wheeeeeeee

Flying Cars: Easy as One-Two-300.

It’s simple! Drive to your local landing strip, ensuring your route has ultra-smooth roads. Enter the coordinates of your flight, making sure you have cleared your right to land well ahead of time. Exit the car and configure all gyroscopic elements, double- and triple-checking your work. Notify the FAA and other authorities. Secure your spot in line for takeoff. Make all final safety checks. Slowly feather the throttle and assume liftoff.

The flying car is here, and it’s for everyone!

via The Awl

Robots Butchers Cut the Fat

If watching lamb carcasses get processed is something you can stomach, I promise you that this video—featuring a well-choreographed dance of robots cutting meat—will intrigue, mesmerize  and perhaps even inspire. As far as I’m concerned, if technology can bring us a cheaper, better lamb rack, I’ll happily bow to our new knife-wielding overlords.

via Fark