Abstinence: a Video by Kirk Cameron and A Krazy Editor

This is incredible, but it defies succint analysis. So two quick things:

1) Easy for you to preach the gospel of abstinence, Kirk Cameron. Your wife was a physical miracle…shame you didn’t have more practice!
2) How insufferable is Purple Boy? I hope his buddy turned on him in Junior High and shoved that eye-rolling face of his deep inside a toilet.

via Buzzfeed

Magic…he could do Anything, that he Desired

Here’s one of the better highlight reels of Magic you’ll ever see. Man, that guy had court vision that the dreams of today’s NBA players have dreams about. Amazing how far the art of dishing has fallen…Stephen Curry throwing a neat little bounce pass now constitutes a laudable play. Magic laughs in the face of such dimes. And not seat-squirming pity laughs like on “The Magic Hour,” but genuine, well-deserved belly boomers.