High Heels, Halcion, and Hyperbole

Late night talk shows are on a roll these days. Here’s Kimmel counting the “amazing”s uttered at the Oscars on Sunday. Side note: What a surprising career trajectory for Kelly Osbourne. 10 years ago, did anyone see “runway diva” in the cards? I’d have bet the house on “Hot Topic spokeswoman turned informercial shill.”

via The High Definite

Power Chord Fridays: Pissed Edition

Middle-aged rage/angst (or mid-rangst) can be a powerful thing. Doubt it? Just check out the latest single, titled Bathroom Laughter from Allentown, PA mainstays Pissed Jeans. They’re latest record, Honeys is worth a listen and pairs nicely with hand sanitizer cocktails. Have a great weekend and try not to kill anyone at Trader Joe’s.