What’s Happening?!

Sorry for the late updating today folks. I’ll just say that last night was a late one and leave it at that. This morning I found myself asking this very question repeatedly as I fumbled with the window latch to chuck my beeping alarm clock out the window. Turns out I use my phone as an alarm clock. Huh. Happy Friday everyone. No yesterday wasn’t Friday, unfortunately. I checked.

From my Cold, Wet Hands

Someone should update this for the 21st century:

The look! The hurt feelings! The sound of manufactured outrage! Entertech!

All jokes aside, I had one of these guns growing up. And not only was it one of my awesomest toys, but I didn’t grow up to be a mass killer. As of this writing.


Pop Stardom

Now this is how you sell out if you know you’re sitting on a one hit wonder. My favorite part is when that giant cardboard cherry flies in from stage left, and later detonates along with his dignity. Word up.