How to Announce a Pregnancy/Be an Asshole

Reactions to this video seem to be largely positive, but rest assured I’m here to fill the vitriol vacuum. Because quite frankly, I think it’s a damn shame that in 2013, the “way to announce a pregnancy” is to construct a climax from a tired metaphor, set up cameras in your kitchen, send poor grandma on a wild goose chase while instructing her like you would a toddler, and then post it on YouTube for all to see. We can’t just tell her..nope. That’s not a “creative” or “viral” enough way to handle a private family moment.

See? Told you we’d be down from that USMNT high right quick!



We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled programming of Snark ‘n’ Cats soon, but please allow me—if only for a moment—to leak out some of the pride and excitement I’m currently feeling for the US Men’s National team on the heels of their come-from-behind-road victory (12th in a row!) against the 13th-ranked team in the land. For a complete tactical nerd-out on the game, hop over to The Shin Guardian (puns!)