Kentucky Fried Tolerance

Everyone’s going apeshit over this recent Colbert Report segment about the most progressive hillbillies you’ll ever meet, and for good reason. Because while it’s very funny stuff, it’s also beautiful and precious and inspiring. Satire collides with social progress in an explosion of compressed oxygen, southern drawl, and hairspray.

[Gothamist, among others]

Power Chord Fridays: Sloth Love Chunk Edition

Well, let’s see. What’s the best way to close out Summer 2013®–A summer that seems to be characterized by electro-sophista-disco-rock music? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Of course you’re not. That’s ok, I was just thinking that Superchunk’s new full-length record titled I Hate Music out on August 20th seems like a nice capper. I would tell you that you can pre-order the album on Merge Records’ website but we all know you’re going to wait until you can just listen to it on Spotify in between car insurance commercials. Such is the modern age. Enjoy and continue to have a productive summer.