That’s Using Your Crane-ium

Introducing Six Flags’ latest attraction, the Caterpillar! I’m a pretty negligent guy (or at least I like to think so) but Jesus this looks insane. I just imagine at the end of each ride the crane fully rotating off camera to dump its payload of legless kids into some sort of civil war era mass grave.

Hat tip to Frank

US Rugby Player Takes Off (Unlike Sport)

This blog (Greatest Blog) has existed for nearly three (gulp) years, and I don’t think we’ve ever touched rugby. Probably because…rugby??? Well folks, the wait is over: introducing Carlin Isles, a man with a fanatic name who’s also an elite sprinter playing for the USA Rugby team, elevating the boys in blue(?) to a new competitive strata(?) that positions the Yanks as real contenders(?) for the cup this year. Or it could be just a fast guy on shit squad for all I know, because again—rugby???