Power Chord Fridays: Favoritest Things Edition

We know you want to squeeze every last drop of what remains of this summer and here help you along are Tyvek with their jam of jamsĀ Summer Things. This just might motivate you to unstick yourself from that vinyl carseat in your front yard and go out and drink socially for a change. Then again, why did you buy a lawn fridge in the first place, right?


I watched an irresponsible amount of TV as a kid. Having said that I have virtually no recollection of this show. Had I known of it’s existence or even seen 5 minutes of this show I would have firehosed Alpha-Bits and milk nasally all over my slot-car racing track, electrocuting a small portion of my dog’s tail with a wapping 30 volts. I feel cheated and no one’s going to convince otherwise. To hell with everything…

Hat tip to Murray