No Sighing in Baseball

Wow! All this kid wanted was a friggin’ ball and instead came away with a condensed version of every visit from his grandpa he’s likely to receive over a lifetime. Now you sit down and watch our team kick your team’s butt, ya got me? Who bought you that shirt anyway, your father? He’s an idiot! You tell ’em I said so! I love you, now scram! 


Milford Moms

Long exposure times in VIctorian England presented photographers of the day with an interesting dilemma: how to photograph squirmy kids. This is how the Hidden Mothers movement came to be. Moms would be disguised as chairs, piles of rug samples, or (and I’m guessing here) execution victims and hold the little buggers in place or threaten to visit them in their nurseries later that night. I wonder if I could get a set of these done at Sears if I bring my own Star Wars blanket. See more or them here.

Hat tip to CR