Shadow Puppets

If you think the muppets are all musical numbers and celebrity cameos then I only have one thing to say to you—pull your hand out of your own ass and see the world for what it is! The two old dudes in the balcony were right, everything is pointless and annoying! Oh, what’s the point…

Hat tip to Speck

Power Chord Fridays: Why’d It Have to Be Snakes Edition

The Pixies are back in PCF which is always a good thing with their new single Snakes which followed the announcement of a new album titled (we think) Indie Cindy. The video is kinda snacky, kinda gorey. Well, if you happen to be a pinata or college mascot it is. At any rate, a new Pixies song will always have a home as a PCF so enjoy and try to keep your head together. Have a great weekend y’all!