Power Chord Fridays: Wet Whistle Edition

We don’t do dedications (or take requests) here at Wheeeeeeee!, but I’ve got to make an exception for Dan (my partner in WheX8) and Greg who I can’t wait to throw down with next week to celebrate their respective birthdays. I’m so excited that I just couldn’t see myself sitting on this track for a whole ‘nother week, so here goes!

Power Chord Fridays: Why’d It Have to Be Snakes Edition

The Pixies are back in PCF which is always a good thing with their new single Snakes which followed the announcement of a new album titled (we think) Indie Cindy. The video is kinda snacky, kinda gorey. Well, if you happen to be a pinata or college mascot it is. At any rate, a new Pixies song will always have a home as a PCF so enjoy and try to keep your head together. Have a great weekend y’all!

Power Chord Fridays: Man oh Man Edition

Philly natives, Man Man take up the mantle this week with their off the wall track, Zebra from of their 2004 release The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face. A pretty cool aside here—this album is being re-released on vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2014 so that those of you with turntables can spit on anyone who listens to music on Youtube. Oh, wait… Have a great weekend y’all!

Power Chord Fridays: Gassy Girl Ediiton

Louisville, KY trio Young Widows makes the PCF debut with Kerosine Girl off of Easy Pain (out May 13th) and what a debut! With it’s raw, loud, post-punk energy it seems perfectly suited fora  black hole of a Friday night! Enjoy it tonight and if don’t worry if you forget having listened to it. That’s why you have Wheeeeeeee! bookmarked! Have a loud one y’all!

Power Chord Fridays: Oui Oui Edition

This week’s PCF comes to us all the way from France because we’re feeling fancy today. Algomania’s track Dogs is a great example of 80′s euro punk and while I could go on I’d rather let youtube commenter liveon take it from here:

these guys rock they used to drink urine on stage.. i remember the one show i caught them at the lead singer pissed into a beer bottle than gave the crowd a great big cheers then downed the bottle in one shot then the guitarist busted out into a solo.

A quick note: I was going to link to liveon‘s youtube profile but when I tried I got this message: This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

So punk…Happy weekend everyone!

Power Chord Fridays: Black Power Chords Edition

Our resident music connoisseur (can’t believe that’s how that’s spelled—total elimination word on the spelling bee circuit) Speck is back with this gem by Big Ups, titled Goes Black off of their 2013 release, Eighteen Hours of Static. As Speck points out, the Steve Albini comparison is hard to avoid and I mean that in the best of possible ways. Full disclosure: I haven’t heard the whole record yet, but that’s what the subway is for. Got this baby locked and loaded and ready to be used to drown out impromptu breakdancing troupes and loud chewers all the way home to county of Kings. Have a great weekend everyone!

Power Chord Fridays: Perfecting Perfection Edition

Well, PCF veterans Perfect Pussy are back and I am pleased to announce that everything you loved about their demo tape titled, I have Lost All Desire for Feeling is present, only better if you can believe it. This is the first track Driver, off of their debut album titled Say Yes to Love (out March 18) and it will no doubt catapult this Syracuse 4-piece to the top of most playlists. Have a great Friday everyone and remember to keep those ears warm. This should help.