Power Chord Fridays: R&R Edition

Not every PCF has to be as hard as an aged asiago rind, sunning itself behind a piece of damaged lawn furniture after last month’s latest shit show. Enter Los Angeles Police Department and their single titled, She Came Through (Again). Sometimes you need to ease on into the weekend. I’m hoping to bottle a little of this and pray it holds until Sunday around dusk. Take ‘er easy and see you Monday to resume the grind core.

Power Chord Fridays: Shelfish Pleasure Edition

Today’s PCF comes courtesy of a live perfomance of Rock Lobster by the B-52’s in what was then called West Germany in 1983. I chose this performance because I want to shine a light on the guitar genius behind the B’s, Ricky Wilson. Ricky, the brother of bandmate Cindy Wilson was the real deal and his PCF creds are on full display here. It’s easy to overlook because this is a song we’ve all heard a million times, but consider this: this B-52’s sound is the product of vocals, drums, some keyboard and that really big fuzzed out drooling guitar sound that was Ricky’s calling card. At times super-simple, but always balls out gnarly. On this song it almost sounds like something you’d get if you locked up Dick Dale and Bauhaus together in the studio for 2 weeks (especially around the 3-minute mark).

Sadly, Ricky would die of complications due to HIV/AIDS just 2 years later in 1985. Too soon for such a talent. So let this be a lesson to all you to go out there make the most of whatever you got going on and stuff. Have a great weekend and apologies for the lull. Life she’s a bit nuts but we’ll back strong next week!!!

P.S. — Oh yeah, and this may be the only time I felt pumped by a U-S-A chant like the one that comes at the end of this set.

Power Chord Firdays: So Fresh and So Clean Edition

Today’s PCF comes to us lovingly off the bat of Speck. Let’s see what this rather unusual cat has dragged in…It’s The Clean and their suitable for beach consumption jam, I wait Around. If you are indeed going to the beach, remember sunscreen and a giant hat don’t work half as well as burying yourself in a deep, well-dug hole. Kind of like what I’m doing here. Enjoy oyur weekend!!

Power Chord Fridays: Wave of Meat Elation Edition

Frequent contributor and everything you loved about the 90’s personified, Speck is back with this week’s installment of PCF. Take’er away!

With a handle like Meat Wave it’s hard not to imagine a sweaty, summertime BBQ with a plate full of charred hide, a belly full of Pabst and perhaps a lively row with some jerky neighbors trying to crash the scene. Welp, rest assured, this band lives up to their name. Dirty, jagged, smart, angst-ridden and sardonic to their last pounding snare hit, this Chicago based three-piece serve up hard and biting post-punk tunes that, if the world was a just place, would drive Cory Rusk from retirement land them in a happy partnership. Listen while you eat your juicy burger but don’t blame us when you punch your neighbor in the face.


Power Cord Fridays: Home Court Advantage Edition

Southerners turned NYC transplants reach back to their southerny roots in the title track off their sophmore release Sunbathing Animal. Seems like the perfect thing to listen to at the beach as long as there’s sun this weekend. C’mon!!!! Well, don;t let that deter you all from getting out there and making the most of Memorial Day Weekend! Make it memorable…

Power Chord Fridays: Weekend Travel Edition


This week with the weather fixing to take a turn for the better I figured for PCF I’d go with something you can listen to on your stoop that won’t make people want to piss on your steps. Truth be told, this is a re-mix of a bit of an oldie titled, Traveling Man re-titled Inner-City Traveling Man that was produced by this tool of a guy named DJ Honda I used to work for. Don’t ask. But hey, Mos Def (AKA Yasiin Bay, AKA Yasiin Gaye) can make anything feel fresh.  Enjoy your weekend and crack those windows!