News Gal vs. Weather Madam: MEE-OW!

If someone asked me, “Dan, would you like to see nearly three minutes of estrogen-fueled contempt veiled with Saran Wrap?” I’d probably decline, because it sounds painful. And it is! But it’s also mesmerizing. Not just because the aggressor is a delight for the eyes, but because the banter is so genuinely hate-filled. I eagerly await the inevitable hair pulling session in front of a graphic-laden green screen. THANK YOU LAMESTREAM MEDIA!


Drink Like A Fish

As many of you are no doubt finding out, Snowicane Nemo means a get out of jail early card for many New Yorkers. Naturally there will be those who use this opportunity to become rather drunk indeed at the nearest watering hole to their office. To them we say, be safe and stop hogging the peanuts!

Sandatory Evacuation

Greetings from the Wheeeeeeee bunker. We are currently bracing for Hurricane Sandy here in the New York metro area, which so far has consisted of being gouged for bottled water. From all reports, that could change very soon. Needless to say, posting may be limited for the next day or so, but we’ll be back as soon as the storm passes. In the meantime, this one goes out to all you Zone A-types out there. Stay classy, stay dry, and stay safe.

A Little Fiesta, A Little Siesta

Hey everyone! Wheeeeeeee is headed down to Tijuana for our annual field trip and will return on Tuesday with more of whatever it is that compels you to keep coming back. Keep it up by the way because we love it! Until then, you may wish to read a book or even better, drink from a bottle that you hide in a book. Whatever you choose to do, know that we here at Wheeeeeeee will be somewhere, missing you.

Adiós!! Till Tuesday amigos!!