Well, tomorrow is the New York Islanders’ last home game of yet another dismal season. I’m posting Mike Bossy’s French-Canadian KFC commercial as a reminder of better times, when the Isles ruled the skies, scooping up deep fried flightless birds and Stanley Cups in equal measure. Get’em next year…the bucket of drums, that is.

Basic Bitch

Can you recognize the symptoms? It can be as subtle as saying logging on as opposed to logging in. One vowel may not seem like much, but it hurl you right into the lame and out of touch category. The only exception might be if you do that shit on purpose—then you a bad bitch…

Canciones de Poop

In keeping with this morning’s musical theme, here’s whatever this is. All I can really get from this is that the one in the middle with that raw sneer is the leader. Oh, and that the one on the far right is in desperate need of a pedialite.

Hat tip to Juango