Do Hashtag Browns Come With That?

So the world has gone ahead and fixed everything wrong with itself when I wasn’t looking. Apparently McDonalds has brought back Dirty Ron and given him the creds to their twitter account according to this report. They’ve also outfitted him with fancy new duds including cargo pants and a vest. Look out Blossom, looks like these two are about square off in a Who Wore It Better death match. Word is, certain glammy celebrities will be looking on with quiet concern…stay tuned America as this story develops.

via Life as we know it

Basic Bitch

Can you recognize the symptoms? It can be as subtle as saying logging on as opposed to logging in. One vowel may not seem like much, but it hurl you right into the lame and out of touch category. The only exception might be if you do that shit on purpose—then you a bad bitch…