Power Chord Fridays: Life to The Pixies Edition

Typically I wait until later in the day to do PCF, but today I’m just busting. Why? Because The Pixies have released their first song since 2004 called Bagboy and it’s just jumped to the top of my summer playlist. A little side note: two weeks after Kim Deal had officially quit the band, it sure a hell sounds like she’s singing on this track and to that I say Rock! This monkey’s gone to heaven…

Download the MP# here


Begger’s Banquet

This starts out normal enough. A standard panhandler’s spiel that any strap hanger could recite in their sleep, but it isn’t until the banker–played very believably, and by far the best performance–arrives on the scene does this video really start to take off.


God Speed

Here’s a little game you can play on that bus ride back to the family for Thanksgiving: Try to see how far into this clip of a 1 minute speed rap sermon you can get before you reach over and punch the person next to you in the face.

Here’s a chaser:


Hey! Let’s make it into one of those Cat Things.

There’s a movie coming out called Seven PsychopathsSo what do they go and do? They go and make a cat version of the trailer, because—and I know this will come as a shock—the internet LOVES cats. So if you want to hear Woody Harleson, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, and Colin Farrell (among others) depicted as crudely animated, live-action cat characters, this is your chance. Personally, I feel a little manipulated by this cheap foray into feline fuckery, but…here we are, posting anyway. Feed the machine and stay in line, Dan.

via Here’s Some Awesome